Post-hurricane update

The following numbers should be used until further notice to reach the Gateway Management Office:


In the 400 building, all four elevators are now in service.

At the current time, management has informed us that they are not considering any rent abatements or credits to tenants as a result of the storm. Their insurance personnel are working on processing all information. If they receive any new information they will pass along to us and post notices at each building. We will, however, examine this reimbursement issue ourselves and advocate for tenants once the matter has been researched and clarified.

GPTA offers food, communication, and other services in Sandy’s wake

The lobby of the 400 building

It’s been a trying week. But even while Gateway residents went without electricity, water, and cable/internet access, the GPTA worked hard to provide as much information, organization, and services as possible in Sandy’s wake.

The lobby of the 400 building

If you were here over the last few days, you probably noticed these signs in the lobby of the 400 building, which was the last Gateway building to have its power restored. Major kudos to board member Peg Wallis for creating these signs, keeping residents in the loop, and organizing events.

We also provided coffee in the mornings, a pizza party get-together Friday evening, and did our best to make sure residents stuck together and remained well-informed.

A GPTA-organized event during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Residents — both human and avian — at a GPTA-organized event in Sandy’s wake.

Hurricane Sandy update

This has been a trying week for New Yorkers of all stripes, but particularly for those of us in lower Manhattan. As you well know, Gateway Plaza temporarily lost power, water, and cable/internet access. Electricity and hot water have since been restored, and we’re hopeful that Time Warner will restore its services within a matter of days.

We will continue to update you as we learn more.

GPTA’s latest letter to tenants

Dear Fellow Tenants,

As you know, we’ve been in discussions since August with Gateway Management regarding a highly restrictive “Pet Rider” that had begun to be inserted into renewal leases. I’m pleased to report that we’ve reached a meeting of the minds with Management over a revised version of this Pet Rider that will be added to existing tenants’ leases as they are up for renewal, and a near-agreement on a somewhat different Pet Rider that will be part of the leases that new tenants sign as of October 1.

If you received a Pet Rider as part of your lease renewal before last week, you should disregard it and ask management for the new Pet Rider.  Those of you whose leases are set to expire November 30 should have received the correct Pet Rider with your renewal lease form.

In a nutshell, the new Pet Rider accomplishes two general things:  First, it preserves Gateway’s status as a pet-friendly building, by explicitly granting permission for all existing pets and granting all existing tenants the right to keep or acquire any (legal) pet or pets of their choosing.  Second, the Rider clarifies a number of important dog-ownership rules, thereby encouraging responsible pet ownership and proper consideration for all tenants, whether or not they have pets.

Tenants who move into Gateway on October 1 or later will sign a different Pet Rider as part of their lease.  This rider also permits pets, including up to two dogs, and it includes the same pet-ownership rules as the current-tenant Pet Rider, but new tenants will not be permitted to have pit bull dogs.  We are disappointed that this limited breed ban has been put in place for new tenants.  Our position is that Management should ban dangerous dogs and not condemn an entire breed.  We consulted with the Humane Society, the ASPCA, and the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals before taking a position on the breed ban issue.  Each of these groups opposed breed bans.

We think that, on balance, the new Pet Riders will enhance the quality of life for all Gateway residents, pet owners and non-pet owners alike, and we are pleased that we were able to work through pet-related issues with Management in a constructive way.

We realize that many of our tenants are not dog owners, or necessarily dog lovers, and we believe that the dog owners should comply with proper dog etiquette. First and foremost, this means walking dogs beyond entrance doors, and beyond the ring road that surrounds the property. We would ask that dog owners curb their dogs along South End Avenue and beyond.

Beyond this issue of pets at Gateway, please be assured that the Tenants Association is here to serve you and to respond to your concerns. And we will shortly be updating you on other issues related to life at Gateway, including installation of new windows and other key matters.

We are working for YOU—so if you are not yet a member, we hope you will join our Association. Our annual membership fee is $20. Please support us today by sending a check to GPTA, PO Box 3266, Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008.

Thank you!

Gateway Plaza




P.O. Box 3266

Church Street Station

New York, NY 10008

GPTA scores big victories on pet rider

Management backed down on nearly all of its proposed pet policies. Check out the press coverage:

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Gateway Plaza residents regain canine rights: Downtown Express. Oct. 3, 2012

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GPTA fights for pet rights

When management tried to discriminate against Gateway pet owners with an unnecessarily agressive and unfair pet rider, GPTA went to bat for tenants in the media. Here, a sampling of clips.

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