Contact Management

Call The Office: 212-321-2000

Call the Doorman Desk Directly by Telephone (rather than by intercom)

Building 100:  212-915-2218

Building 200:  212-915-2219

Building 300:  212-915-2219

Building 400:  212-915-2220

Building 500:  212-915-2220

Building 600:  212-915-2221

Security Booth: 212-915-2217

E Mail Management:

Gregory Tumminia, General Manager:

Roseann Coraci, Assistant Manager:

For market rate tenants, please note: To negotiate any possible rent reductions, early lease terminations, or other matters related to the lease, put your request in writing to

Patricia Marine at

Telephone: 212-708-6905

If you leave a message for Patricia, she will call back within an hour.

If you want to negotiate a lower rent increase, she suggests that you put in writing the reasons WHY you feel the increase is not merited, i.e. problems with leaks, windows, heaters, kitchen appliances, etc. Then write that you are willing to make a counter-offer and suggest a specific price you had in mind. They are negotiable up to a point.


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