About us

Our mission
To work together to build and maintain a high quality of life in our community in every possible way for the tenants of Gateway Plaza.

Our history
The Gateway Plaza Tenants Association was created in 1982 to respond to tenant-related issues at Gateway Plaza, the largest residential complex in Battery Park City. Over the last three decades, GPTA has accomplished a variety of goals, including negotiating long-term rent-stabilization agreements with the landlord, thereby preserving Gateway as a family-friendly residential community for people with diverse incomes.

How the board works

The GPTA has an elected Executive Board that meets once a month to discuss issues that impact the tenants and neighborhood. Some members of the Board are also members of Community Board 1. As a result, the Board becomes involved in issues that affect all of Battery Park City, such as the creation of new parks, schools and libraries, the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site and the maintenance of safety and security in lower Manhattan.

In addition, the Board has established and continues to maintain close relationships with our local elected officials and with the Battery Park City Authority, who often join us in the resolution of Gateway-related challenges.

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